Art Exhibitions

NB Visitors travelling from afar are advised to phone the Town Hall on 01588 630023 to check that the gallery is open, as occasionally we have to close for a few hours for weddings or room hire.

The Town Hall is open on Monday to Saturday from 10am until 4pm.


13th October until 11th November

Di and Andrew Dounce

21st October – Farmers Market

28th October – Gallery closed from 12 noon for a private hire

30th October – Gallery closed for a dementia awareness workshop between 11am and 12 noon

4th November – Flea & Antiques Market


18th November until 16th December

Castle Artists

18th November – Gallery closed from 1pm for a private hire

25th November – Christmas Craft Fair

2nd December – Flea & Antiques Market


18th December

Nick’s Colourful World


6th January until 6th February

Rosemary Hart

6th January – Flea & Antiques Market – TBC

20th January – Farmers Market

3rd February – Flea & Antiques Market

10th February to 12th March

Jane Keay

14th to 18th February – B.C. Arts Festival

24th March – Farmers Market TBC

2nd March – Flea & Antiques Market


16th March to 16th April

Lyn Evans

16th March – Farmers Market

6th April – Flea & Antiques Market


20th April to 21st May

Robert Bates

20th April – Farmers Market

4th May – Flea & Antiques Market


25th May to 25th June

Jenny Fell

1st June – Flea & Antiques Market

15th June – Farmers Market

29th June to 30th July

Jane Taylor

6th July – Flea & Antiques Market

20th July – Farmers Market


3rd August to 3rd September

Sue Percy


3rd August – Flea & Antiques Market

17th August – Farmers Market


7th September to 8th October

Jenny Jones & Flo

7th September – Flea & Antiques Market

21st September – Farmers Market

5th October – Flea & Antiques Market


12th October to 12th November

Sarah Gillard

19th October – Farmers Market

2nd November – Flea & Antiques Market