Art Gallery

Our current exhibition is by Jo Halden   –

31st May to 26th June  (see Home Page for current opening times)

I live in North Shropshire and am a full time artist. 

When asked to make an artist statement I always worry.

What if the statement I make leaves out an important thing that I meant to say?

What if I come across as though I know something that I don’t really know about what art is supposed to be?

What if I say something and it is misinterpreted?

So, I am 64, with no formal art training. Most of my pictures are intended as narratives, they tell stories about things I see or imagine, things that I feel heartbroken or happy about.

My main preoccupation is with the disastrous abuse of the environment by humans, who we depend on the planet and are part of that environment. But we have usurped all other species.

I hope, that if you want to take a message from my pictures, it is this; that humans are just one of the estimated 1 trillion species that inhabit the earth and that what we need to do is learn to share.”


NB Visitors travelling from afar are advised to phone the Town Hall on 01588 630023 to check that the gallery is open, as occasionally we have to close for a few hours for weddings or room hire.