Christmas Opening & Closing Times

The Town Hall will be closed from midday on Saturday,  December 24th (Christmas Eve) until  Tuesday, December 27th.    The hall will close for the New Year at midday on Saturday, December 31st and re-open on Tuesday, January 3rd  2017.

Money raised for the SpArC Appeal

During the year the Town hall Trust has been raising money for the SpArC Appeal by selling produce donated by you!   We have raised £550 for the appeal – many thanks to all those that donated goods and to those that bought produce.

The hall will continue to accept produce for sale, in future to be sold to raise money for the trust.

The Annual General Meeting of Bishop’s Castle Town Hall Trust was held in the Town Hall on Monday November 7th at 6.30pm.

Present, Evelyn Bowles; Jane Carroll, Ann Roberts, Trevor Chalkley, Patricia Theobald, David Palliser Ruth Houghton, Helen Vaughan (Minutes). Henry Hunter.

The Trustees Report had been previously circulated. The chair gave a summary and overview of the report.

Finance The treasurer Jane Carroll gave her finance report. There was a balance of £8,684 at the end of the year. This was 1.5k down on the balance for 2014/15 but this was due to working through the Shropshire Housing Group community fund grant which had been completely spent to good effect as the annual report makes clear. Diane Malley provided the BCTHT  audit report which JC presented. This addressed the issue of bank reconciliation

Election of officers. Helen Vaughan confirmed she would continue as Company Secretary; Jane Carroll  confirmed she would continue as treasurer. Henry Hunt was elected chair. The chair explained that if he took on this role for the coming year, there would be times when he could not attend Trustee’s meetings. All agreed to rotating the chair in Henry’s absence.

AGM timetable. All agreed that this should be for same time period as audited accounts which in future will be 31st March to  31st March  meaning the next one will be May 2017. Date of 2017 AGM 8/05/17
The Annual Report is available from the Town Hall on application to the Information Desk staff. Tel 01588 630 023; email



A variety of CDs by local musicians, from Fight the Bear to BCAllskas, are now on sale at the Town Hall at £10 each.

Jonny Keeley Album Cover

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