Three Legg’d Mare – POSTPONED

Postponed due to the coronavirus – date TBC

Three Legg’d Mare are an Aberystwyth band who were brought together by a common interest in the traditional songs and tunes of Wales, England and far beyond, and the social history and folklore that lies behind them. Their lively and sensitive interpretations of old songs of madness, love, death, adventure and everyday life (and some original compositions), with close vocal harmonies and a wide variety of instruments (including Appalachian dulcimer, fiddle, bouzouki, guitar, mandolin, whistles, concertina, harmonica, shruti box and bodhrán) are earning them a growing following throughout Wales and the borders.

What people have said about us:
‘Absolutely brilliant … ancient and modern at exactly the same time … I love it!’ FRANK HENNESSY (January 2018)
‘… the breadth of their musical talents and gorgeous close harmony singing deserves a much wider audience’ FOLK RADIO (November 2019)
‘Love the new album’ MIKE HARDING (February 2018)
‘Arbennig’ GEORGIA RUTH (September 2016)
‘You’ll like this y’hear?’ FROOTS MAGAZINE (November 2016)
‘Oh, the voices! Three excellent, distinctive voices of character that blend remarkably well’ THE LIVING TRADITION MAGAZINE (February 2020)
‘Fecking class!’ IAN LYNCH (LANKUM) June 2018


Tickets £10 can be purchased at The Town hall or on line: