The Glorious Dawn following the Dark Night of the Soul

Ayesha Iset Merovingian (previously known as Abbie Naiad) has been a Psychic, Magical and Spiritual consultant in South Shropshire for 20 years.

After deciding to leave all things Spiritual behind she became very ill, giving her time to be re-inspired and to realise that being a Spiritual guide to others is the path and destiny laid before her. Ayesha will talk about how her inspiration has come from many different sources including literature, film, past-lives and nature. Free mini oracle card readings will be available after the talk (She reserves the right to refuse to read for you if she feels she cannot connect with you). All readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Tickets £5 from the Town Hall call 01588 630023 or call Ayesha on  07736 946326