Stonehenge & the Myth of Bluestone Quarries – A talk by Dr Brian John

Dr Brian John, a retired academic and specialist in the Ice Age, has been studying the Stonehenge bluestones for more than 30 years.  He has an intimate knowledge of their source area in North Pembrokeshire, and he has become increasingly frustrated by the manner in which fantastical theories about the human transport of the stones have become accepted as “scientific truth”.  He points out that there is simply no sound evidence to support the human transport hypothesis, no evidence in support of the quarrying of bluestones from three sites in Pembrokeshire, and no evidence that “the immaculate Stonehenge” was ever finished.  As far as recent archaeological work on the “bluestone quarries” is concerned, he points out that over a period of eight years there has been massive media coverage — but no excavation reports, no opportunities for detailed independent scrutiny of the dig sites, and only one deeply unsatisfactory peer-reviewed paper. Detailed examinations of the dig sites by geomorphologists have revealed that all of the so-called “quarrying features” are entirely natural.  The “inconvenient” earth science evidence presented in two peer-reviewed papers (in 2015)  has been completely ignored by senior archaeologists who will not even acknowledge that there is a dispute going on!  There is much more powerful evidence that the bluestones at Stonehenge are glacial erratics transported by the Irish Sea Glacier almost half a million years ago.  It may well be that Stonehenge was built where it is because that is where the stones were….

Brian’s new book entitled “The Stonehenge Bluestones” will be published in June 2018.  It will not be universally welcomed by archaeologists……..

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