Ffeisty Ffelters Exhibition

Ffeisty Ffelters Textiles is a group that has been working and exhibiting together for over 10 years. At present we have 18 members with a variety of skills and expertise, many of whom are represented in this exhibition.

We meet most months in Bayston Hill Methodist Hall and have a three day workshop at Snailbeach Village Hall twice a year.

We produce a wide range of textiles including Wet and Dry Felting, Stitch, Eco dyeing, Weaving, Printing on fabric and often a mixture of all these. Some of our members are skilled in spinning and natural dyeing.

We often work to a theme, but this exhibition is a testament to the versatility of the group. We love colour and texture and are inspired by the beautiful landscape of Shropshire and its wildlife.

We exhibit several times a year in Shropshire and the Welsh Borders.

We can be found on Facebook under Ffeisty Ffelters.


Examples of their work to follow soon.