Book Launch with Sue Wincent-Dodd – Peggy Seddon of Middlewich

Join Sue to listen to her bring the story of her mother Peggy Seddon of Middlewich to life. Peggy’s eldest child David Dodd settled in Bishop’s Castle in 1975 and worked at the Livestock Market until his death in 2003.  It is a memoir of an extraordinary woman and mother. Peggy had a privileged up-bringing in Cheshire and a wartime wedding. After the war she gave birth to two children but before she was 50, she lost her husband to cancer and was left alone to care for her children. Peggy’s life was intricately connected with that of her son who had learning difficulties. The book tells the story of the challenges she faced and how she coped with them.

Admission free and relax with a complimentary glass of wine or juice.