Art International Group Exhibition

 “Art International Group and Friends” 

Our exhibition emphasises the ideals of friendship and international co-operation. Artists who participate in this  International Exhibition   share their own cultures, language and traditions with artists whose countries they visit. The universal language of Art becomes their medium for communication with all.
Art provides opportunities to create something new from what already exists; transfers ideas from one cultural environment to another; moves from past to present to future. The force of art has a magical touch which establishes dialogue despite differences in outlook and mindset.
The exhibition  represents artworks of artists from  the groups ‘Art International’and friends of the group.  Artists from U.K. , Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia,  Italy , Germany, Romania and Macedonia.

If you are travelling to visit this exhibition please phone the Town Hall (01588 630023) beforehand to check as the Town Hall is sometimes closed for weddings.