An Exhibition by Mark Zenick


Portraits by Mark Zenick

 Beyond age, race or gender, my images are all related. Believing that there is an   essential kinship beneath all surface appearances of differences, I am drawn to those subjects which can carry me to the heart of human experience.

 I use ink because I sense that colour would distract from and diminish the possibility of entering the unguarded world of my subjects.
Pointillism affords the visual enticement of heightened texture. It softens the stark presentations of black on white, reminding the eye that raw life is seldom flat.

 This work is very slow, meditative for me. As configurations of black dots reveal the latent image hidden on the white paper, a humbling compassion grows within me. Rediscovering again and again the connective tissue of human longing and loss, I become related to those images of my “brothers and sisters”. Like an icon painter, I strive to release the viewer to discover and engage the divine in these images of fellow human beings. The creative act is a powerful antidote to cynicism.

 Perhaps, to truly understand and live our own separate lives, we must find and accept the hurt, the wonder, the aloneness, the despair, the joy and grief which by birth unites us all, trying to make some sense of our place on this earth. To do less, I fear, only hollows the deaths which await us all. My images attempt to suggest that finally none of us is exempt from emotional membership in the great circus of life.

                                                                                                     Mark Zenick

If you are travelling to view this exhibition please phone the Town Hall to confirm opening times as we sometimes have to close for a wedding.